Hot Chocolate from Whimsy & Spice

I first learned of this hot chocolate from a gorgeous photo on Instagram I saw Kayla of @this.little.wandering post! (See the photo here .) I mean, with a photo like that, who wouldn't inquire about what she was drinking?! I totally had to. She told me that she'd been getting it from Whimsy & Spice every year which was funny because I'd been following them on Instagram for a long time and never knew they made/sold any products (I guess I didn't pay a ton of attention to their profile simply because their photos are so lovely and seem to speak for themselves!)


I struck up a conversation with Jenna and we talked about a few things including the products in their shop, balancing work like and raising kids, and photography. She was so sweet, she sent me the Earl Grey Hot Chocolate to try, along with some artisanal marshmallows (the cardamom was my favorite pairing for this blend!) And let me just tell you: This is the very most unique and lovely cup of chocolate I've ever had! Ever - in the history of ever. I normally drink spiced hot chocolate (which they also sell and I love) but this truly was a game changer. I've just about finished the whole tin in less than a week; needless to say, I headed back for more and also indulged in the spiced hot chocolate as well!


I do hope you head on over and take a peek at all of their gourmet goods they sell. The hot chocolate and mallows make perfect gifts, even stocking stuffers for the holidays. These will be on rotation every year for me!

You can find them at their website Whimsy & Spice and on Instagram at @whimsyandspice. Cheers to a quite lovely and tastefully delicious holiday season!