Why I'm About to Lose a Lot of Instagram Followers, and Why I'm Okay with It

This goes without saying for some but not for all; we put a lot of time into curating our feeds and the content in which we put forth. We each have different motives and I'm not going to say what motives are right or wrong but I am here to say that I'm okay with the fact that I'm about to lose 100 followers on Instagram and I'll tell you why.

When I decided that I was going to start a blog and put more thought into the content I was producing, people invited me to "mom to mom follow loops" and pods via third party apps where there were hundreds, sometimes even thousands of members in the pods. I had no idea what these were but the people that ran these pods invited me on the notion that "it's how we beat the algorithm to get our content seen" and "it's to support each other," and I'm here to tell you that that's all bullshit, save a few people I didn't cull. 

I participated in a few of these "pods" for about two weeks before I realized enough was enough because nothing about it felt right. It was not authentic; nothing about it was authentic and it felt like cheating. So I quit participating, deleted the app, and focused on producing better content. What I didn't do however, was stop following many of those users. Partly because I was afraid of losing the numbers and partly because I felt bad. And then I realized that they don't care. They're scrolling past my content and not engaging as much as I'm scrolling past theirs and not engaging with theirs. 

As I focused more on my content and my images got better (and I strive to continue improving,) I started attracting the audience I wanted to: people that I inspired and people that inspired me! My people find me just as much as I find them. It's like an instant friendship almost. Currently, there are several women who totally and completely inspire and encourage me every single day and I'm saving a special thank you post for a few of those women, though I suspect a few of them may know who they are! I am so grateful to have this little community of creatives to push me and encourage me. I'm also happy to pay it forward to those who ask for advice! This is what this community should be about.

For me, this is not about competition - it's about creativity and inspiration. If we get collaborations out of it, that's great, but honestly, it's firstly about creative expression in my mind.

So tonight, I was scrolling and got fed up with seeing uninspiring images and seeing images from Instagram users that never interact with mine either so I decided it was time to cull, and just as I suspected, they're unfollowing right back which solidifies the fact that they don't care for my content, nor I theirs, so why keep pretending? This is why I'm okay with it. I'm okay with losing numbers to free up space for more lovely and inspiring feeds and for people that want to engage with me as well.

How's that for #hashtagauthentic ? If this blog post turns you off, I understand but I wanted to put in my two cents about follow loops and insane Instagram pods. They're not for me and they never will be again.

Please stay tuned for a new blog post on the women that totally inspire me coming soon! They are completely lovely and I couldn't thank them enough!

On that note, sweet dreams, loves.