Gratitude Weekly: Quiet in the Wild

The subtitle for this post comes from a hashtag I like to use, because well, I find so much peace outdoors. Especially on cold days. There's something so serene and beautiful about winter walks.

Tiedeman's Pond | Middleton, WI

Tiedeman's Pond | Middleton, WI

I skipped a week last week as I was trying to collect myself and process a few things. But as I sit here, on yet another Monday missing my family while they're cozy in bed, I wanted to say how grateful I am that my husband gave me some time to myself over the weekend to go take photographs with our first dusting of snow. He and Silas could have come along but my husband is still getting used to the weather here so he opted to stay in and put Silas for a nap.

I am so grateful that nature provides a sense of calm and quiet when my mind is driftless. Moments like these provide clarity, especially in the briskness of winter; I can breathe. I so desperately needed that walk to recharge!

What are you grateful for this week? What provides you peace and calm in the midst of chaos or even just confusion?

I'd love to hear from you!