Gratitude Weekly: Love your Mother

It's no surprise that I'm a huge advocate for loving your mother. If you are lucky, you have or had as loving and selfless a mother as I. But I understand not everyone is fortunate enough to have grown up with the amount of love I feel and the amount of support I've received and continue to receive from my parents so that's why this post falls under the "gratitude" category. This is something I'm endlessly grateful for.

My selfless, lovely, loving mama

My selfless, lovely, loving mama

This last week has been testing me in ways I've forgotten momentarily. I've been sick with no sick pay offered at my job; my son and my husband have also been sick. This last week, I've been tested so much and I am tired. My mother came to our rescue yesterday. My selfless, sweet mama. See, my nearly 70 year old mother that still has to work to support herself and my father took an unpaid day off from her job so that I could come to work (also sick) to be able to support my family and not fall behind.

Of course, I cry. I cry because I am loved. I cry because my family is loved. I cry because she's been selfless this entire time she's been my mother and I only hope I can be the same way for my children. I cry because she also struggles yet still manages to help. I cry because it brings her happiness to help and I just don't feel like with my busy schedule there's many other ways I can bring her happiness. I can't pop in as easily to join her for a cup of coffee, I can't invite her to a mother/daughter date because well, life is just busy. I suppose I can start trying to slate out more time for this; and I suppose I might be overly emotional but  the core of this is pure and true. My mother is an angel and I am forever grateful for her.

Thank you for all that you do for your family, every single day, mama! Please know you are so loved!