Blabla Kids

You guys, I wanted to share my love of Blabla Kids with you today! My in-laws gifted us a beautiful mobile from Blabla Kids for Silas before he was born and immediately fell in love with this brand! It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and completely lovely. Their pieces are each made by hand with love. I believe this is an essential element of a great, long lasting product! 

Silas, Toutou, and Machu having a slumber party!

Silas, Toutou, and Machu having a slumber party!

Honestly, Silas has taken a long time to come around to "lovies" of any kind but he tucks Machu into his crib after his naps each day and feeds him and keeps him hydrated. Really, it's amazing watching Silas's imagination come out to play with these dolls!

Whether you're 3 months or 30 years old, I believe you can fall in love with any one of their products. I'm totally guilty of loving these, maybe even more than Silas. I'd have a room full of Blabla dolls, blankets, and pillows if I didn't have to remember that I was [omit my age here]! Okay, maybe I'm hoarding a small stash for myself...

I've partnered up with the sweet folks at Blabla Kids today to offer you a 15% off promo code to shop with today until Monday. Also, please visit my Instagram page to enter my giveaway! Blabla will be giving away one mini knit doll of choice to the winner of the contest!

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Happy Friday, loves!